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The Head of the Frunzensky District Administration inspected the reconstruction of the Major heatinggrid construction on Budapeshtskaya Street

At a field meeting today, Terentiy Meshcheryakov, the Head of the Frunzensky District Administration, visited the Frunzenskaya Major heatinggrid, a key address of the heat infrastructure modernization program of JSC St. PetersburgHeatingGrid.

On the site, Mr. Meshcheryakov inspected the integral reconstruction of a main pipeline section, 1000 and 1200 mm in diameter, over 5 km total length, on Budapeshtskaya Street from Malaya Balkanskaya Street to Plovdivskaya Street. Evgeniy Hachaturov, Director General of JSC St. PetersburgHeatingGrid, said that the implementation of this project for raising the reliability and quality of heat supply in the district, which is an important project for Kupchino, is going on strictly according to the schedule. Heat engineers are performing disassembly work on the site at full pace. A temporary pipeline will provide hot water to nearby buildings without any limitations during reconstruction. It is planned to finish reconstruction completely this year.

The facility will be equipped with so-called smart pipes in high-strength foamed polyurethane insulation with sensors for online remote moisture rate control. The life limit of these modern pipes is 30 or more years without failure. Insecure sections (if any) will now be detected in a few minutes by change in pipeline insulation moisture rate. "The state of pipeline insulation moisture rate change will be monitored all the time. Information about any change will be communicated to the Central Dispatching Center of the Company almost immediately," said Evgeniy Hachaturov. "We will then take measures at once and react to a break in insulation somewhere rather than to a tear in a pipeline's steel wall, i.e. at the stage when the integrity of the polyethylene shell of the pipe is broken, not when there is already corrosion. Our experts will restore the integrity of insulation, and the steel pipe will continue working as safely as before."

Online remote control terminals in immovable street covers are a part of a telemetric measurement system, which provides for automatic control of the heat network system of JSC St. PetersburgHeatingGrid.

As he drew the results of the visit, the Head of the Frunzensky District Administration thanked the power engineering specialists for coordinated work and emphasized the importance of modern innovative technologies in reconstruction of heat supply facilities in Kupchino.

"The new generation of pipes that pass on information about them is a completely different quality of heat supply and, in essence, a different quality of line for residents of the Frunzensky district," said Meshcheryakov.

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